Shriek #1 -  Lady Dracula Cover

Shriek #1 - Lady Dracula Cover

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 ll new tales of horror and dark fantasy from eight creators of the macabre!

Jim Whiting launches the return of Lady Dracula. While living in a trailer park in upstate NY, Cassandra, the daughter of Dracula is hunted by an army of Nosferatu, and begins the journey to restore the reign of Dracula. Keith Haugen and writer Dennis Webster spin a warped space-time twisting tale of terror in Dzonot. Writer/artist Matt Belkis’ The Goryo of Aokigahara takes us to Japan’s suicide forest to meet the evil samari spirit that rules the forest with a bloody sword. Writer Dorian Sinnott serves up The Hunger, a dark metaphysical tale of transformation in the dark woods and deep recesses of the mind. Nayara Moura takes us on a hunt for a serial killer who slaughters campers and hungers to kill again in Circus of Terror. Nekros: a Vampire Reflection, by writer/artist Nate Osborne asks the question; “What if everything you knew about vampires was just the next beginning?” A brutal killer abducts young women, chaining them up before feeding them to his blood thirsty swine in Bad-Medicine by Christopher Twin. Cover by Jim Whiting.