The Complete  World Famous Creatures Hardcover

The Complete World Famous Creatures Hardcover

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Monster Kids rejoice!!

Coming at you from the earliest days of monster mania!, World Famous Creatures magazine was put together quickly and cheaply to cash in on the popularity of Famous Monsters #1.

The title lasted just four issues - two in 1958 and two in 1959 - and are much sought after by monster magazine collectors. This competitor came closest to FM in terms of content and visuals.

The issues contain tons of large monster stills, Forry-like puns, and cutout monster masks. The publisher even tried to copy Warren's Captain Company by offering many monster items. There is also early John Severin art in the monster mix.

Due to all the coupons and mask cutouts, most original copies are incomplete. Here is your opportunity to have the entire, complete, run of World Famous Creatures to take you on a nostalgic journey to the beginnings of what would become a national monster craze!! Collects issue 1-4.